Mobile Electronic Shredding

Electronic Media Destruction

Hard Drives, Tapes, Floppies, Optical Media, Security Tokens


All serial numbers are recorded utilizing a bar code scanner to ensure the numbers are accurately entered.

The logic boards are removed from the drives before the shredding process begins. This lowers the cost of shredding and is more efficient as the board materials are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

Prior to shredding, all devices are counted and compared to the spreadsheet to ensure they have been properly recorded, thus eliminating double scans or miss scans.

We will print a physical copy of the serial numbers and also provide a digital copy on a CD in Excel format.

The shredding process will begin at a rate of approximately 900 drives per hour after all of the devices have been serialized, verified, and the spreadsheet and certificates have been printed.

A certificate of destruction and a bill of lading is generated for your records at the end of the shredding process. They are signed by the shred specialist and provide proof of data destruction for regulatory compliance.

Mobile Shred Truck

Destroyed Hard Drives

Destroyed CD’s and Tapes

Centrally Located in Des Moines, Iowa

We are able to service all of the Midwest and further depending on your requirements

Shredder Model AMS-750HD

Truck Operations Layout