When CRTs are Exported

The U.S. electronics recycling industry has grown tremendously in the past several years, however a lack of significant regulation or restrictions allows for the exportation of CRTs with obsolete computer equipment to developing countries. No one knows for sure how much obsolete equipment is dumped on developing countries but some estimates place it as high as 80% of the computer equipment that is collected in the U.S. is sent to China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Ghana. The “recycling“methods in these countries include smashing, burning, and dumping of electronic waste. Child labor is often used to collect wires or bits of metal in the burn piles.

Recycling CRTs is a labor intensive and costly process. Many electronics collectors avoid the high cost of recycling CRTs by taking the cheaper export option. The best way to prevent export of CRTs is to use a pledged or certified BAN e-Steward.