Our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy


Midwest Electronic Recovery (MER) endeavors to safely handle all e-waste which is collected for refurbishment and material recovery.  Our Environmental, Health, and Safety management focus is the safety of our employees and safe handling of all equipment which enters our doors.  We at Midwest Electronic Recovery accept environmental responsibility for our activities and processes.  We are committed to maintaining legal compliance, sound environmental practices, and the prevention of pollution.

Safety Commitment:  MER is not satisfied being a safe place to work but strives to be accident free.  Our employees are our greatest resource. 

    • At MER our ultimate responsibility is to provide a safe working environment for our employees.
    • All employees are trained in their specific work area.
    • Employees are expected to report problems or deviations from accepted work practices.
    • MER furnishes appropriate safety equipment for employees.
    • Employees are trained in the correct handling of R2 Focus Materials.
    • MER is in compliance with all applicable EPA, OSHA, State, and Local regulations.

Environmental Commitment:  MER continually evaluates and improves our recycling process to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

    • Midwest Electronic Recovery protects the environment by safely managing all Focus Materials:  CRTs, batteries, circuit boards, mercury, and PCBs.
    • Even materials such as toner and plastics are safely removed and sent to appropriate down-stream vendors.
    • MER vets all down-stream vendors to insure that all materials are handled in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local regulations.

Customer Commitment:  As a responsible corporate citizen, MER conducts business in a manner that helps our clients reduce their generation of electronic waste.

    • MER adheres to data sanitization, purging, and destruction practices described in the NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitation.
    • MER evaluates all materials for their potential reuse and follows the “Reuse, Recover, Recycle hierarchy of Responsible Asset Management.
    • MER maintains a level of security appropriate to the type of equipment handled and as required by the needs of the customers served.

Top management at Midwest Electronic Recovery sets annual objectives with measurable targets to continually improve our safety, environmental, and customer commitments.